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Longer Battery life to the Xperia PLAY with Mugen?

So, a little over a month ago now, I got talking to Dmitry via @MugenBatteries . I'd been talking about the Xperia PLAY battery life in general, considering it was a gaming phone and would have extended periods of gaming along with the normal web/SocMed and general SE permasync things I have set up. From my years with AllAboutSymbian, I'd heard of Mugen Batteries plenty before and indeed Steve did a fair few reviews on the site back that left me trawling through the comments in moderating. ( Nokia E75 review / Nokia N97 review ) Anyway, I questioned about whether there really was that much of an improved life on the Mugen battery, as much as they were making out themselves at least, which was that their battery would last 2.4 times longer. As we know all too well now-a-days, Smartphones really pull battery power so when Mugen kindly offered to let me test one of the batteries out, I was all for it. The data sheet for the battery reads as follows: SKU HLI-PLAYXL Cell Type Li-IO