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Hey Starwood Hotels! WTF?

I'm in the Sheraton Heathrow. This is the first Sheraton hotel I've stayed in since Pine Cliffs Sheraton in Portugal when I took my wife out on a beautiful and perfect stay. I was so impressed with the service and the stay that I thought this is a hotel chain that I want to stay in. I signed up to and thought I'll earn some nice points to take me forwards to staying with this chain again. Who doesnt want rewarding for their time. I stay in a hotel almost every week with work.. It's not a good life, in fact I'm starting to hate being away from home so much, so when I'm away I want to stay in a good place. I thought I was sorted with a Sheraton. Wrong and wrong again. The start was a slightly surly check in. This wasn't from a bloke but from a fair haired probably Polish girl from her name and accent. After I'd been ID'd and signed my soul over in the only way someone from eastern europe can make it sound, I was given a key card. I checked into