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Maximum Annoyance. (and the Xperia Launch) fwiw

Just wrote a piece on the Xperia Play launch tonight... hit the wrong X tab on chrome and BYE BYE text. Where is the auto save wordpress? Will have to wait now till I 'fess up on my thoughts of the Xperia Play Launch. EDIT>> Update, been way busy to post on the night that never really was. So I'll drop it here. VIP night that wasnt really VIP. You queue up, you get in. Dead poor product placement for an actual launch event Could have been so much better they ran out of beer, then had some more, then ran out again. for all the badmouthing of Nokia that day, SE should take a leaf out of their book about organising parties ;) In all seriousness, the launch event was a 'damp squib' but the actual Xperia Launch Day event for me was great. Meeting some like minded people and coming from the Finnish side of the fence was certainly interesting, so this coming year will really see whether SE are serious contenders in the Android world or just taking a bit part

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Launch Event

So, I know I know, I'm allaboutsymbian and Nokia.... so what I am doing posting about Xperia Play ? Well, I've gratefully accepted to join the Sony Ericsson Test Lab crew and this is the handset I'm running with. It could have been any of the new releases but as I'm a gamer, I guess this was a simple choice. I'm really looking forward to meeting the SE team, Snr. Execs and PR people and the other bloggers... plus my mate Jon , he's more of a geek than I am, promise! ;) Everything kicks off on the 31st March in the City Of London, so I'm heading south again. There is a facebook page if you fancy getting along. Its here . The Test Lab event side of things though, will be chitchat and road-mapping and seeing what SE are doing with the new line, plus some other hush stuff at the moment. I'm sure I'll get a good understanding of what SE have been doing since I left them (from the T28 I might add, I loved that phone... although thinking back that fat stu

See ya car!

So, after a few days of the car being on pistonheads and vagoc I had a good few interested people call up. Strangely, more than 50% of the people that called were from the midlands?! Go figure. Anyway, a couple of friendly lads came and met with me, looked over the car and liked what they saw. Did their due diligence checks and then that was it. Off to a new home. They were grinning like Cheshire cats as they drove off in the car, it was brilliant. Reminded me of when I first drove it and probably looked the same. To be fair, I still had that daft smirk when I drove it to the last day of ownership. Anyway, my garage is now filled with another car ;)