Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Launch Event

So, I know I know, I'm allaboutsymbian and Nokia.... so what I am doing posting about Xperia Play? Well, I've gratefully accepted to join the Sony Ericsson Test Lab crew and this is the handset I'm running with. It could have been any of the new releases but as I'm a gamer, I guess this was a simple choice. I'm really looking forward to meeting the SE team, Snr. Execs and PR people and the other bloggers... plus my mate Jon , he's more of a geek than I am, promise! ;)

Everything kicks off on the 31st March in the City Of London, so I'm heading south again. There is a facebook page if you fancy getting along. Its here.

The Test Lab event side of things though, will be chitchat and road-mapping and seeing what SE are doing with the new line, plus some other hush stuff at the moment. I'm sure I'll get a good understanding of what SE have been doing since I left them (from the T28 I might add, I loved that phone... although thinking back that fat stubby aerial stuck your in the leg whenever you sat down)

My mobilegeekery will be well satisfied I'm sure so I'm looking forward to it. Drop me a message if you are going and we can meet up.

It will be the first Android device I'll be looking at for an extended period of time. This coupled with work about to move me from Blackberry to iPhone might just push me right over the edge!

Be afraid!


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