Maximum Annoyance. (and the Xperia Launch) fwiw

Just wrote a piece on the Xperia Play launch tonight... hit the wrong X tab on chrome and BYE BYE text. Where is the auto save wordpress?

Will have to wait now till I 'fess up on my thoughts of the Xperia Play Launch.

EDIT>> Update, been way busy to post on the night that never really was. So I'll drop it here.
  • VIP night that wasnt really VIP. You queue up, you get in.
  • Dead poor product placement for an actual launch event
  • Could have been so much better
  • they ran out of beer, then had some more, then ran out again.
  • for all the badmouthing of Nokia that day, SE should take a leaf out of their book about organising parties ;)

    In all seriousness, the launch event was a 'damp squib' but the actual Xperia Launch Day event for me was great. Meeting some like minded people and coming from the Finnish side of the fence was certainly interesting, so this coming year will really see whether SE are serious contenders in the Android world or just taking a bit part role. I picked up the Xperia PLAY device and I'm liking it for its purpose at the moment so I'll get to posting about that when I can as Im too busy playing Battle Bears

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    1. Well? Waiting with baited breath for your exciting views on the underground rave that was the 'VIP' launch. How it could be classed as VIP with half of the country given tickets I don't know but, your views are.....?

    2. I've not had time to update that yet, with getting new car and mothers day the weekend is all taken up... Got a trip down tomorrow tho on train so might get something up then.

      But VIP, yeah.... no even close

      I wrote a good piece at the time so was well miffed when it 'went'

    3. Thats why I write on notepad or something, less messy when it goes! Thought WP had autosave though. Check your drafts. Depends on the version I guess but newest one does save for me.

      Will stick around to see what your thoughts on the event were, no pressure though lol.

    4. Ahh well I'll check that out soon then. Back on the train again from London just heading home now.;)

      Sent from my Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

    5. Hello mate,

      Hope you enjoyed your continental breakfast and are getting on well with your phone?

      If you're interested I've set up a private group on Facebook where we Test Lab denizens can pow-wow away from the main SE boards.!


      The Hurf


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