Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting an Orange Signal on your T-Mobile Device

This is DEAD simple actually and it allows you to start to use the Orange Network when you have no T-Mobile signal. (which is better than it trying to go on Orange just because the signal is better).

If you want to opt in to this, you have 2 ways to go about it.

1st, go to the T-Mobile web page right here and follow the instructions.

Your 2nd option is to skip all that and just send a message to 2121 with the body of the message simply saying 'yes'. You will then get a text back confirming your phone has access to the Orange network.

A word of precaution though, this dual network access is really aimed at allowing you to send SMS and make calls. When you sign up to access the Orange service, you are in actual fact only accessing the 2G network from Orange. This will kick up a few data issues, so look at the 'quirks' list below that T-Mobile present before you sign up, to get a bit of a better understanding.

You can always opt out too. Simpy send a text to 2121 saying 'OUT'

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nokia N8 – Double Trouble

So, whats better than the new Nokia N8?

2 Nokia N8's!

Nokia N8

Or you may have thought so... But in this case, its not... as sadly the 1st of these brand new Nokia N8's was faulty out the box, randomly rebooting itself via the white screen every minute of so. You could put this down to a number of things, I'll leave you to it. I ran a hard reset on it (Volume Down PLUS Camera PLUS Menu Button whilst you turn it on whilst holding those keys) which totally removed both Ovi Maps and Ovi Store. (so only do it as a last resort as I and other users have had serious issues trying to get those apps back on the handset). What to do, what to do I thought... but,


The cool people over at WOMWORLD/Nokia (who kindly lent me the Nokia N8 in the first place so... we could talk about it) rapidly sent out a new one that is working perfectly almost perfectly.

You'll find plenty of blog posts around about the N8. Some praising, some slamming, but either way I look at it, the working N8 is a good handset.

I'm not looking to compare it and say,
Hey, This N8 is better than an HTC or a BlackBerry or an iPhone

... I'm just looking at it from a what gets on my wick about it and what I love about it. I know at the end of the day, this phone should be perfectly capable of making calls, taking pictures, sending mail, browsing the net etc., so I'm not worried. I'm more interested in how it performs with it being the first incarnation of the new Symbian^3 OS.

So, a few posts during the time I have the handset I'll drop some comments on it. If you want to know anything, ask away.

After the disappointment of the 1st device flopping, I could be falling into a "much happier" zone with this N8, but I do like the phone and its big touchscreen (3.5"; Resolution: 16:9 nHD (640 x 360 pixels) AMOLED), smooth paint job and quality build feel. First impressions have me absolutely LOVING the camera but getting annoyed at the touchscreen keyboard.

Anyway, Im leaving this post here for now, and I'll pic up some more specific looks at the N8 in the following posts.

Anything you want to know?

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Syncing your Nokia contacts to your car via Bluetooth

So, over on the various forums I've frequented, and with the interest in mobiles and cars, I've been asked this question many times. It nearly always revolves around someone having a Nokia Phone and a problem with them syncing that phone's contacts to the car for communication via the dash or the head unit. There's not a problem with calls, its just this issue with being able to see your phone book.

So if you are one of those wondering, "How the hell do I get my contacts to my car from this Nokia N8?" ... or Nokia N97 or whatever Nokia you may have picked up, this will help.

To quote myself from the 1st time I wrote this out (I thought this was worth salvaging from the old blog posts)

You need to download a file from Nokia that is called "810 contacts Download Application" and just for you, this is the link. Find your phone or equivalent and get that version. If you have the Nokia N8 the 5th edition version works just fine, even though you're on Symbian^5.

I'd wait until your going to go off for a drive.


Delete any pairing.
Turn off BT
Restart phone.

Go to Menu > Applications (or equivalent) and select the new download icon (pixelated car/pc pic) and launch that.

You should get a prompt saying bluetooth is off, turn on... so accept that and let it turn it on.
Turn car to ignition to evoke the BT scan and pickup.
Download program should after a few seconds prompt for passcode
Once thats done, your phone is paired with the car. You may want to go into your phones BlueTooth settings and set it to an authorised pair (recommended).


Go drive.

I sat in my car trying it for ages ... without driving.... and it didnt work.. probably because I didnt wait long enough or it didnt happen quick enough. I then drove to work with it started and in the 10 mins it took to get there, it had done it. Now the menu button on the Audi displays the phone book.

Once the phone has paired, the download program should go to transferring..

after that, you can enable autostart on the app if you like.

When you've got connection, pressing the command key on the Audi looks like this on connecting, number check and name check.

Audi S3 Dis negative image

I forget now if you need to keep auto start enabled. Leaving it on does leave the phone often popping up with connecting or some such when its not actually doing anything, so its 1 you'll need to choose for yourself that one.

This worked on Audis, BMWs, Jags, Fords, Skodas, VWs... so you should be good whatever car you are driving.

Over on I have a growing thread with a variety of handsets that work with the VW Audi group cars so check that out too for info (and of course, feel free to sign up on the forum for some great info, banter and group deals)

i love Quidco BlueWhite

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A little about me...

Years ago, there was a blog here that I started on mostly football (with a dash of ranting and some interesting product chat). Times were good back then and so was the football. Now, it's mostly 3rd tier action and right now this is the state of play for my beloved Sheffield Wednesday.

League 1 table

And with that out the way, and not 1 mention of the takeover (ahh bollocks I just did) I'm looking to add some more here.

I have a good presence online and have met some really great bloggers and social media contacts that's got me wanting to add more to who I am, or really, what I'm thinking about. I've a great interest in Mobiles/Smartphones working with O2/Telefonica developer communities and the site, and have been somewhat a known Nokia fan for a good while now. There'll be more on that throughout this blog, in the 'Mobile' category.

I also run a forum with some other friends for Volkswagon/Audi group owners and fans over at VAGoc
vagoc bannerwhich, if I don't say so myself, is a quality forum full of the kind of car banter you'd expect, tuning knowledge you want to read, and offers you don't get elsewhere. If you have that sort of inclination... playing with your VAG car, then head on over and say hi.


Finally, as you see from the screenshot, I love a bit of music so say hi to Leoyde on That'll be me.

Most of all though, I want to hear about your opinions on whats what... so leave a shout and a blog link and I'll follow back :)

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rubbing it down

Welcome welcome, Im turfing everything out and replacing it with ....


new stuff.

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