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#SWFC Mobile calendar for 2013/2014 season

OK, another quick one for you SWFC fans out there. If you were already subscribed to my calendar for the previous seasons, you need to do absolutely nothing :D We've made it to the last stop before we hit the Premiership and arrived for a new season in the Championship 2013/14. Kicking off locally(ish) with what looks like a season defining first month, I've updated my shared calendar again. Hosted on google calendars and available to you and your Android/Nokia/iPhone/pc/mac whatever device nice and simply and without cost. Woohoo! Again, if you were already subscribed to this calendar for the 2011/2012 season, you need to do absolutely nothing :D This link will take your calendar program to fully list the fixtures and location of games, complete with times and location info, straight on to your device. The map and location functionality will also help if you are a super travelling fan for finding the ground allowing you a single click to load maps. ;) If you have an iphone y

Snow socks! Woohoo.

It's weather like we have today (very windy and snowing) that always brings in the winter tyres conversations in motoring circles.  Personally, I fall in to the 'we only have a couple of days where it's bad enough to warrant changing the tyres'  band. That's why I bought some AutoSock Snow socks instead. No need to visit the tyre shop to change the tyres,  no need to take up a corner of the garage with the winter tyres throughout summer, just a simple bag with these new snow socks in them that fit in the boot whenever there may be a chance of the white stuff arriving. So it comes to today, when I end up going out in the morning unexpectedly that I found myself having to use them for the first time. It's started to snow and it's cold. Sheffield, where I live, is a hilly city so within no time at all I'll have to navigate one. And so does everyone else. End result: Chaos. Traffic is there where there is normally none. Lines of red lights from the cars with