Sunday, February 20, 2011

Audi S3 2008 For Sale

So, the time has come and my sad face is very much on.

My Audi S3 is coming up to 3 years old and I'm now after a new car. Change in circumstances too, means I'm doing a fair few more miles that I was when I first bought this car so I doubt my change will be as exciting, but we'll see.

From pre purchase, the Audi S3 has put a smile on my face. It sticks to the road like its on rails. Through my time with the car in the recent poor weather, that itself has been a joy as I see BMW and Merc drivers struggling to move whilst I happily cruise past with Quattro efficiency.
I'll miss the duels with the Merc C63 AMG 'PAUL D' as will I miss you Mr XJR ... your faces were great ;)

In any weather conditions, This. Car. Shifts. Its also a delight to cruise down the motorway and its size means its great for diving into town and not having the issues of parking a Chelsea Tractor.

And this is the info on it.

33k Miles
Ibis White (the best colour)
with optional extras of:
Sat Nav
Flat Bottom Multifunction Steering Wheel (FBMFSW)
iPod Connection in glovebox with charging and all ipod adapter shutes
Full BT phone integration *so yes, you have the cool shark fin on the roof*
Rear Parking Sensors
Tire Pressure Sensor

- Rain & Light Sensor Pack
- Mirrors auto dimming, folding & light sensitive
- Luggage Pack

I have been the sole owner of this car and since March 2008 it has been cleaned EVERY SINGLE weekend, with dual bucket methods and foam lance. Yes I have been that anal about the car. Actually, that statement isn't entirely true. When it was -14 that weekend I didn't do it as the water wouldn't come out the tap.

Anyway, all paperwork is with the car, 2 keys, and service book shows its just had a full service in January 2011. Michelin RE050 Potenza Tyres have over 5mm on all corners and filled with nitrogen (its beneficial apparently)

There are a couple of stone chips, 1 just above the windscreen and 1 on the front skirt. It also has LED bulbs internally, which I can of course remove if you want a softer light. LED festoons are also in place above the reg plate. These look great on the Ibis paintwork. Its on 12mm spacers too in the pics, but they'll be coming off.

Heres whats on offer:

Audi S3

(its the white one) ;)

Its the white one!

So, optional extras, plus the standard spec of the S3 make for an awesome car!

I have a rolling road graph which shows the car doing somewhat considerably better than the stock figures, 294BHP/291LBFT, though this car is and always has been totally as it was coming out the factory. I have all the paperwork for it, its on new tyres and its fully Audi Serviced (looked after by Gilders Sheffield) and in for its first MOT so will have a year of that too.

Hoepfully, who ever buys this car will join up to the forum and benefit from all the fun and experience our users have there too.

Anyway, sale price £20,000

and no canvassers thanks.

PhoneSafe contact number 07071682621
Day: 37.5p
Evening: 25.0p
Weekend: 12.5p

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ben's Cookies

I like cookies...

In fact, I like most biscuits and cookies. I've not had any cookies as nice as these Ben's Cookies though.


If you see one of their stores around the UK... or Japan (or where ever that other place is far away from Oxford) you gotta try them out.

Ben Cookies (image courtesy of

A some what sugar shout out to M.E.G. who brought a box in for us Loopers.

The aftermath of #NokiaLondonLoop


What a huge day! After getting down to London really easily, I got off the tube at Westbourne Park and bumped into my good friend Jon. Result! He knew where we were heading too. ;)

Anyway, we headed to the world famous Sarm Studios to begin our day of looping. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the day but was surprised by the results and the cool people I met along the way.

1st up, big props to the WomWorld team, especially Meg and Katy who organised the event and met us when we got to the studio. Also in waiting was the lovely Dani who although I'd spoke to many times, had never actually met!

As we all sat chillin upstairs from the studio, the big dog Aaron turned up too. Quality bloke and basically the man @ Sarm. Check out the list of people that he gets to deal with day in day out... bit different from your normal customers I'd guess ;)

Anyway, what was the craic?

The Nokia Loop app is available exclusively on the Ovi Store. Its a pretty big file standing at 15.83MB so best to DL over Wifi. The premise is that you get a base beat, or even make your own and you add little bits of everyday sounds. This is the promo video:

Clearly, that was a bit of a pro job from Carl Faure / Shanghai Warrior and team, so some of you might think it was a little bit better than what we came up with, but personally, I think ours a mad skills! Here is my top 3 though that I made on the day, the last loop actually being 'the 1st place loser' to #toiletloop in the awards.

[soundcloud width="100%" height="81" params="show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=001cb3" url=""] BollyLoop #NokiaLondonLoop by itsnoel

[soundcloud width="100%" height="81" params="" url=""] Loop! Wakey Wakey by itsnoel

[soundcloud width="100%" height="81" params="show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=001cb3" url=""] Its Hammersmith by itsnoel

So, what do you think?

The winning loop track for the friendly competition at the end of the day was from Mac of and is called Loo Fi (#ToiletLoop), which if you listen closely, is a perfect name for it. Here it is:

[soundcloud width="100%" height="81" params="" url=""] Loo Fi Loop ( #ToiletLoop ) by maclondon

At the end of the day we needed to pick one of our loops to play in the studio to everyone and then it would be decided who's the winning one was. The judges, Aaron, Phil and some of his other friends from Nokia went into Studio 3 booth to pick a winner... which turned out being Mac's.

Here's what he won!!

Mac and his Bling Bling Gold N8

These are a few of the studio snaps I took with the Nokia N8 whilst there, and a very cool studio it was, though to be fair, I have only ever been in one other studio and that is Yellow Arch studios which brings back some old memories!

After all the looping we went to the Electric Brasserie and had some drinks and food and more chat. A great end to the evening.

So great, that I missed my train home! Luckily though,  I managed to catch the last one back to Sheffield but it stopped at every station on the way home and then there were trespassers on the line near Leicester so I didn't roll in till 0200hrs. I was shattered!  At least I had the BH905i headphones to listen to my music on the way home. Thats another post though.



Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, today I am off down to London to join up with other mobile bloggers and fanatics to Sarm Studios.

Home to get Invaders Must Die, Prodigy Album amongst many many others.

The reason? Well mostly around the launch of the Loop app, available to Nokia S^3 users, (N8, C7 etc etc)

Its available in Ovi Store for free download right now and when Im not on the train with a crappy connection I will link you to it. If you do manage to make anything quality sounding, I'd love to hear it because the ones Ive done have been horrendous ;)

The twitter hash tag for the event is in the title, and I hope to bring you a little more later on.

Whislt I sit here on the train though, its interesting to listen to the various conversations going on. Alan Irvines sacking from Sheffield Wednesday, My Gypsy Wedding, someone trying to find out the times of some parliamentary meetings.... its a real hot pot of people.

When I got on the train i was one of the first one followed by another woman. I stopped at my seat and started to put things down and looked at her. She's looked at me and said,

"Oh sorry, that's my seat"

As the train was completely empty I can only assume that she thought I was just sitting anywhere... turned out my reservation was next to her, which was a bit of a result as she was a friendly singer songwriter on her way down to some studios in Herts or something. So for probably the 1st and last time, I was sitting with someone else heading to a music studio in the same way I was... random ;)