Well, today I am off down to London to join up with other mobile bloggers and fanatics to Sarm Studios.

Home to get Invaders Must Die, Prodigy Album amongst many many others.

The reason? Well mostly around the launch of the Loop app, available to Nokia S^3 users, (N8, C7 etc etc)

Its available in Ovi Store for free download right now and when Im not on the train with a crappy connection I will link you to it. If you do manage to make anything quality sounding, I'd love to hear it because the ones Ive done have been horrendous ;)

The twitter hash tag for the event is in the title, and I hope to bring you a little more later on.

Whislt I sit here on the train though, its interesting to listen to the various conversations going on. Alan Irvines sacking from Sheffield Wednesday, My Gypsy Wedding, someone trying to find out the times of some parliamentary meetings.... its a real hot pot of people.

When I got on the train i was one of the first one followed by another woman. I stopped at my seat and started to put things down and looked at her. She's looked at me and said,

"Oh sorry, that's my seat"

As the train was completely empty I can only assume that she thought I was just sitting anywhere... turned out my reservation was next to her, which was a bit of a result as she was a friendly singer songwriter on her way down to some studios in Herts or something. So for probably the 1st and last time, I was sitting with someone else heading to a music studio in the same way I was... random ;)


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