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QR code scanning with the Galaxy Fold Z4

So, it's been a while I know, sorry... but I found out something I didn't see much about online on help forums for WhatsApp or Signal. TL;DR - Cannot scan QR code with Samsung Fold for WhatsApp or Signal windows app connection? Unfold the phone and scan the code it'll connect up. Scan it when phones closed, it won't. True for both for connecting WhatsApp and Signal Windows 11 applications to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.  My Galaxy watch gave up the ghost after coming back from a hot holiday this summer (Cyprus, thanks for asking... was amazing) It was stuck in a never ending boot loop and even on flat battery, when it came back to life, it looped.  When I got home, I sent it off to Samsung for repair and they mailed me back saying; Now, from memory this is pretty close to the cost of the watch so I picked myself up off the floor and politely declined and said send it back, which they did.  When it arrived back, it turned on and worked. RESULT!  But I figured there's a