Xperia Play Screen Cracked

//thanks to the android app this is now the 3rd time I've written this.

This morning, whilst sitting in the lounge a phone notification came through, so I went over the the stand that my phone was on to check it. To set the scene, this stand was a MASSIVE 2.5 foot high.

As I picked up the phone, it span in my hand a little and slipped. Gravity did its thing and the phone went directly down.

Opps I thought, and that was all I thought at that time. I've had many phones that I've dropped. Dropped on carpet, dropped on tarmac, dropped over 13ft from a shirt pocket up a ladder (that was a Nokia) down on to concrete ..... and they all survived with nothing more that a dint on the casing or in the case of the X6 that skipped down the tarcmac, a slight nick out the glass itself.

So on to this morning. After the HUGE fall of 2 foot, clearly something met the very edge of the PLAYs screen and this happened.

The hardest thing this could have hit is my pen lid, (which was metal) which was resting on top of the pad, so you can imagine my shock as I picked the phone up and turned it over. This is something of iPhone screen fail proportions!

Theres no way anything like this has been done it Sony Ericsson is there?!

It reminded me of this post too in which a Nokia N8 bit the tarmac.

The saving grace for the Xperia PLAY at the moment is that it still works due to the screen protector they add on.

I will be interesting to see what Sony Ericsson can do in this instant to see how easy it will be for the general consumer to get this type of mishap fixed. We shall see.


  1. I'm currently awaiting feedback from SE about the process for 'what happens next' in this instance.

  2. OH NO. How can that happen in small fall? It is bad.

  3. Yeah, that's the question I was asking myself. It was either horribly unlucky in the angle that it struck the hard surface or its a weakness in build quality.

  4. Oh dear. I have an Arc on loan and dropped it a few times. Nothing has happened yet. #fingerscrossed

    I wonder if this is a problem with 'edge to edge' display or simply device makers trying to make the slimmest device possible therefore skimming on protection.

  5. Thats crazy, any phone at all should be able to withstand such a small fall. Looks like a big design flaw to me!

  6. Feedback so far from SE is that its an isolated incident. The mineral glass is going to be investigated on return to SE tomorrow. They say they haven't had any other reports to this effect for either the Arc or PLAY. So, lets hope that's the case and its a one off. I'm looking to get feedback on the SE drop test though too in comparison to what we know about Nokia. :)

  7. yeah, my thoughts exactly, we are all hoping this is an isolated incident. :( Poor PLAY.

  8. I dropped my xperia play too...on concrete though and my screen is completely f****d. So definetly not a one off. Mine is cracked from top to bottom kinda looks like the spiders webs u get in the old spooky house not insured so im kinda stuck on how im going to get it fixed.....please help!!!!!

  9. Oh damn. Sorry to hear that.

    As this is a new handset, major parts like this are hard to find. There are places on ebay like this who sell the part but you will need to be a bit handy to fit it as it isnt easy to get to.

    Then you will need to disassemble the handset which is a bit more difficult. Removing the screen from the slider is v difficult and you need to work from back to front. Theres not much online at all at this time tho to help.. things like this are the closest, but dont worry too much as if you arent insured and happy to take the phone apart you can repair it.

    Make sure you get the right tools tho and dont rush. Good luck ;)

  10. Exactly the same thing has happened to mine and my friends Xperia play. Mine was a fall of about 2ft off my chair then landed on carpet! very fragile screen obviously, wish I had bought something else. Very expensive job to repair :(

  11. sorry to hear that Sam....

    try sending it back under warranty..... there is also an option to repair the screen yourself if you are handy / don't have insurance.

    It sucks tho for sure... this and issues with the Arc casing cracking aren't good signs for SE atm.

  12. same happened to me. fixed it good as new with:
    ebay: Replacement LCD Touch Screen + Tools for Sony Ericsson Xperia Play $29USD
    final step of replacing the digitizer screen which was glued & needed to be prised off wasn't in the video, stressful but worked out fine.

  13. Good stuff, thanks for the link and vid, hope it's useful for some people.

  14. bullshit. my xperia play dropped from 0.5 meter on a wooden floor and nothing happened. ive been scared "fuck its not going to work anymore " because it hit the floor really hard. NOTHING.. didnt tryed outdoor tho :) im wondering now. is this site meant to be something like commercial for iphone fanboys?...

  15. Don't waste your time coming on here calling bullshit. No point.

    This certainly isn't a fanboy iPhone site though, which you'd be able to tell, you know... What with the millions of mentions of how good an iPhone is on here....never mind the fleet of xperias I own.

    Cheers for the comment tho... ;)

  16. This happened to me too. Now I can't enjoy this awesome phone, and it's impossible to fix. What a shame.

  17. Hey Alex,

    Yeah, that sucks. Sorry to hear it. How come it's impossible to fix tho?

  18. Hey guys, had the same thing. My xperia looks exactly the same as yours noel. Everything else works except the annoying cracks and web like appearance of my screen. I dont think thos sort of incident is a one off thing. Hope SE. Can come up with easier plan to fix this.
    by the way i have been putting up with my screen for about As i said every thing else works just that the sfreen is cracked. Anyone can give me an idea what parts.i need to buy and how to fix this??

    Thanks guys. I still love the fact that SE is the beat game phone ever!!!!

  19. Sorry to hear yours cracked too lance. There's been a lot of interest in this post so I'll get on top Sony and find out if I can get a good procedure to fix it... Well that or Google :-)

    Thanks for the comment

  20. Same thing happened to me but the cracks were way worse :( Then the screen protector that SE put on started to peel off which lead to horrible bubbles. I put up with for a month before I had enough. I couldn't repair it my self so I had to send it to a skilled repair shop. All in all, it cost 80 bucks to repair. I recommend you buy a cover and screen protector (Very cheap off of Amazon) to protect your investment :)

  21. My daughter has just dropped hers from her bed onto the floor and it's cracked like yours too. Got it for her at christmas and its a white one. I tried to replace the glass on an iPod touch once and don't fancy trying with the play. Any suggestions would be very welcome.


  22. Hi Martin, you're right. It is a bit of a pain. Just check to the video from Repairs Universe ( You will need the likes of a prise tool, torx driver, Philips driver and..... A heat gun / hair dryer! With it being white too, it might be a bit harder to find the replacement parts. It might be easier to find one on eBay and cheaper maybe...(

    Sorry I can't suggest anything better, only other thing is insurance or sending to repair centre. As its no longer a new phone, it should be easier to get it repair by people that have done it before. Good luck with it


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