Ridiculously Comfortable - Reef Fanning @betruetoblue slaps

So last summer, actually thinking about it it could have been Summer 08 or 07, I bought some Reef 'slaps'. I looked around at a few different styles before I came across these Reef Fannings. What made me buy this particular type this time around will soon become apparent, but these were not the normal type I'd go for as they have the bit that goes between the toes. I remember growing up, having a pair like this, and they bugged the hell out of me. Especially when the sand got in between the toes and chaffed. :(

Anyway, when I saw these Reef Sandals, with their added extra, they became a must have for me.

Now, I've splashed out on a new set.

Reef Fanning

At first having a bottle opener on the sole I thought would be cool for a party then that'd be it. As it happens, I used it loads! Its not the cheap church key type that wears away like a christmas cracker opener. Its in as good a condition as when I bought it on my old grey/reds.

Sadly though, they'd become a bit 'worn' and the bubble was starting to crack in the sole along with some other slight peel from all the sun/water ;)

That made me get these. If you haven't tried Reefs out before, do it now. They are strangely and amazingly comfortable for slaps. Not only that but this time, I got Project Blue ones, so a portion of the ££ i paid go toward the SIMA Environmental Fund, benefiting more almost 20 environmentally focused organizations, all of whom share a common mission in protecting our playgrounds. Good deed for the day done! ;)

These retail around 40 quid, depending on how good you are at hunting. Check out the Reef page and your fav search engine for more styles.


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