Ovi Music Unlimited Rant (part #whatever)

OK, I've how just about hit breaking point with this service. Ovi Music

Following on from the previous posts, the backup that I did of the tracks completely failed.

Not only that, but when restoring the data it takes AGGGGGEEES!!! If you want me to define 'AGGGGGEEES' I mean 6 hours to reach 8% of the track restore (17GB in total)

Not only that, but the restore is pointless as you still need to go and re-acquire the license. So that made me think, forget it. I'll just download them all again. Which I have started doing.

But guess what. DRM comes back to bite me in the ass again, as re-downloading an album from the history page seems to only do that, and NOT THE ACTUAL LICENSE FILE to play the DAMN TRACKS! It is totally ridiculous. When this subscription year is over, (although with all these issues (some undocumented here) are taken into account, its more like 10-11months) I wont be going anywhere near Ovi Music Unlimited side of things.

Of course the store itself is good if you want to pass your hard earned pound/euro/rupee over as you'll now receive an MP3 without DRM stuffed in it. Imagine, you could use the track as a ringtone! wow

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