A new dawn for Mobile Development with Telefónica?

So, I have been involved with the O2 Litmus project now for quite a while, which...well, lets say it has been a little slow from a user/testing point but more importantly, it was a big learning process for the mobile provider itself (O2) and to the developers.

The time has come though to release Telefónica's new baby into the wild (kind of, as its in closed Beta at the moment). Quick intro vid:

[vimeo vimeo.com/17369019]

So, its great to see something innovative like this to come from O2 i.e. Telefónica in this form and a great opportunity for mobile developers to take advantage of the free tie in to the O2 APIs for creating mobile websites or apps. At the moment, this is only available to developers in the UK, Argentina, Mexico and Spain but more countries and more APIs will be added soon.

You can apply to the closed BlueVia beta here.
Monetise your apps by plugging in our powerful, risk free API’s offering you revenue share business models.

Altogether, BlueVia represents now the possibility to access more than 80 million customers. And it will be more in the near future.

What exactly will that mean to you though in cold hard cash? This is a snapshot of the monetizing and API situation.

So, what you waiting for?

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