Soft Top Waterproofing - Perfect Result!

So, when I first got this new car I didn't go with the dealers autoglym whatever deal. Instead I took it to Jonny at Pure Detail.

He left me clear instructions which I passed on to the dealer, not to touch the car body work. So, when I picked it up it was still covered in the plastic and delivery stickers, as well as a load of dust and muck.

Perfect. :)

Anyway, at his place he told me he had a waterproofing bit of kit that we were going to try on the roof as part of the detail. Its been on now for 4 months and is still exactly the same. In fact, I was at the dealers just yesterday and the sale guy commented on how brand new the roof was looking. Because, essentially, it is. Nothing has got thru to lay on it. This was the video we did after it was first done and really I should get another at 6 months and again in a year.

The product is from GTechniq which seems to have been borne from the sailing world but it works an absolute treat. Water is like mercury when it hits it and if you have a new soft top, I cant recommend I1 Smart Fabric enough. As Jonny at Pure Detail will tell you tho... it doesn't make you yourself more waterproof! ;)


  1. this is great waterproof ! please which exactly product from GTechniq was used ?

  2. yeah, its great. The product is called I1 Smart Fabric. There is a link for it just under the video :)

  3. thnx, i had kind of blindness or what :)

  4. lol, dont worry... I do that all the time too. Looks like the hyperlink colour is a bit close to normal text colour on this theme.

  5. one point on the Gtechnig, we only used about half the bottle and applied it like this:

    My guy then told me a few days later we should have used the whole bottle...

    also, its got a really strong smell as you apply it, but that soon goes once its dried *about 30 mins from memory* :)

  6. the blindness is because of the shock how waterproof a fabric soft-top can be. Than at least mine ability to read the text was close to zero :)

    thnx for the hint with 1/2 - 1 bottle. I've decided to do this thing in september or so and have to find out, if they ship it to my home.


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