How to download on the Japanese PSN Welcome back Program


The Japanese PSN network is finally back up after what feels like an eternity. Anyway, this is a quick run thru of what you can do to download the free games if you don't speak/read the lingo. It's pretty much exactly the same path though as the EU and US stores so you could probably figure it out, so this is just a hand.

This isn't the HK store, which is slightly different.

Your choice of games is 2 PS3 games from the following:
The Last Guy
LocoRoco Cocoreccho!
WipEout HD
Hustle Kings

I downloaded Hustle Kings and The Last Guy as follows:

Log into your Japanese PSN account. NOTE: You needed to have this account already set up prior to account before April 21, 2011.

Select the highlighted link in the middle of the first screen as below

Next you will come to this screen where you need to pick the PS3 games list

Next, you need to access the free token by clicking this item

Once you click to download that, you need to activate it as with normal purchases, its just another click and you are here. As you see this is where the list of free games is available to see too.

Following that you can begin the download of your chosen games. You will know that all is ok if you see the PSN store purchase logo next to the PS3 box as below

Now, you can get to downloading 2 more free games! Take your pick from the following:

The install route is exactly the same as for the EU/US store etc, This is Hustle Kings (which when you play it is all in English anyway):

Job done :)

If you want to download PSP games, its the same process but clearly you need to PSP box


  1. arigatou gozaimaaasu!
    am i still able to download though?? i've tried recently but can't the offer ;/

  2. Dou itashimashite.

    I think the offer will probably have expired by now. The EU/US one didnt last too long, about 30 days I think in all. Are you on the Japanese store too, not one of the other Asian stores?

  3. hai, ok, i guess i've missed it 8$


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