Sheraton Heathrow Starwood conversation completes

So, as you see from my last few posts, I had a less than satisfactory stay at the Sheraton Heathrow recently. In this day and age it is easy to make a complaint that is seen by many and I will always utilise any methods I can to talk to businesses who don't meet expectations. How else are they to know if we don't say anything?

Sheraton Heathrow Hotel

I have now had a phone call from Stephen (Rooms Division Manager) at Sheraton Heathrow. This is good because it's shown me that they have taken the time on board to recognise my issues and to look to address them. He took the time to go over my comments and talk about each one individually. It wasn't a case of 'lets call this guest, chuck a free lunch at him and hope he goes away' type conversation, but more a very specific talk about they reasons and understanding behind each point I'd made.

I was happy that things had been addressed this way for the conversation, given that some issues were completely out of his hands and were a corporate decision (such as the wifi setup) and others we're completely on his plate (the musty old room smell). He also took control of the missing barman issue although thinking about it now, it could be the person he will talk to about it, that caused the issue in the first place (food and beverage manager) Anyway, point is... things have been concluded professionally and over the phone, when businesses now a days can so easily have a less human touch.

Time will now tell if there is another visit, if anything actually changes. Let's hope so. And time for me to get some positives on this blog :P


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