NFC Sony Smart Tags and the Xperia S

In a the very first meet of the Sony Ericsson Test Lab, we were asked what we thought might be good for the future of mobile phones and I thought I'd chuck NFC in as a possible solid upcoming performer. It was something I first visited with Nokia.

Sony have now brought NFC to a somewhat physical form with Sony Smart Tags. The more I look at these tags, the better I think they could be...

However, from thinking about it with Nokia way back when, I know that for every tag in, you tend to need a tag out. Binary strikes again.

Check this video out:

In the video... he tags to go to bed. Cool and probably a way I'd set it up too. But in the morning, you'd need to edit your profile to get back to normal... will we find that very quickly our house/office/car looks like a Christmas tree decorated by kids?

My Llama profile manager at the moment pretty much does what a tag does, so is this nothing more than a bit of a gimmick? Thoughts?

To get round this problem, what perhaps might work better is having a tap in/out per tag... or on in the more physical form of the Sony buttons, split tags that are 'double sided', though not being a tag engineer I don't know if there would be proximity issues with this method?

It will be the same for any manufacturers as far as I see, such as the LG Optimus with its NFC stickers (of which I would never be sticking on my stuff, especially my car!)

The superb looking Xperia S is the first Sony phone coming out soon in the UK with NFC built-in and 4 tags included but the tags aren't limited to only being used by Xperias which could be good news for LG owners ;) A set of 4 tags can be bought from the likes of Expansys for £11.99 (around $16). I guess we could be needing some new colours sharpish.

Sony Xperia S smart tags

Either way, development is moving on and Sony are picking the pace up in the mobile market.

That, can only be a good thing.


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