Sky Sports 5 only doesn't need contracting again

So, Sky Sports 5 is now live. It's advertised everywhere as a free addition to sky sports users already however which ever link you click through on, it shows a line like '12 month contract unless it's x in which case it's 18 months'. This of course instantly makes you think you are going to get tied into another 12 months of sky subscription payments so I wanted to get this classified by the sky help team on Twitter (@skyhelpteam) which I eventually did.

So the question of whether you get contracted to another 12 months if you take Sky Sports 5 is now finally answered properly!

If you only add Sky Sports 5 and NOT the offer of the sky broadband / phone service then you are free to upgrade and at no new
renewal of contract

Happy days! Got confirmation of this via our Twitter conversation and that can be seen here:

Now, go order it via your account upgrade Upgrade page and you can watch lots of European league football  at no additional cost and no renewal of contract. Clearly if you do take up the broadband offer then you will start a new contract with Sky.


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