Three UK; tell you one thing, do the other

So you have probably all seen the recent
marketing with a Muppet and an old East 17 song that has a chorus of 'Alright Alright everything's going to be Alright'


Three happily tell you the mobile industry sucks. I generally thought my time with three has been ace. They also tell you it's time to take a stand.


Today I got a letter from three. I've been with them for a decade. Working in AV and with some mobile hardware companies, I signed up back in the day in a London three store for a new contract and just gave the HTC wildfire phone I got to my wife, as I already had a phone.

Over the years I kept my contact running paid on time and used it mostly for data.. I never upgraded handsets and just had a SIM free contract. About a year ago this contract was changed after someone from three called me and said I could change to a One Month rolling contract called the One Plan AND save money. Happy days, what's the catch... £17 all you can eat. No catch... Signed and done....

Until now.

Now, three have 'phased out your current plan and as your minimum term has ended you will need to change to one of our new plans'

To what, of their 'great range of plans to suit your needs' are they changing me to? All you can eat data + All you can eat minutes. The price... £30 a month. THIRTY... For the same contract.

This 'new' contract brings nothing new. Despite practically doubling the price.

A call in to three got through to their call centre who kindly offered to transfer me to the billing department after waiting 15 mins. When they transferred me..... It was closed.


In the meantime, I'll take a look at EE and O2 bit I'm pretty sure Three will have me over the barrel as they have the best price all you can eat contracts.

It's a shame that the loyalty I gave them looks like it is no longer recognised as below



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